Day 50: Looking Back and Forward

50 days passed in no time! When I started this blog, I decided to write 100 posts before ending it – but when I saw how much time writing a daily review took out of my life, I knew I had to end this little project earlier.

I’ve learned quite a bit from the experience – on many levels. I’ve learned not to overwork myself, that forcing myself to write essentially 1000 words on the same topic every day would result in…well…awful work. I’ve also learned that the constrictions of a tight schedule and such a narrow concept didn’t work out for me. It affected the time I had for university, it even affected my sleep as I’d usually sit down in the evening to write for 2 hours straight. I’ve also been shown many shortcomings of my writing, both in style and quality. I hope I can improve on that.

Today, I’m starting a new journey. I wiped my old blog over the last days and just relaunched it. The blog will focus on Japanese music, but in a less restrictive way. I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I hope to have fun writing it. I believe I can use the lessons Day1Day2Day3 thought me. Head over to to check it out! I’m actually rather proud of the initial posts I already wrote.

I want to take this final moment on Day1Day2Day3 to thank all of you. Every single reader, but especially the people that kept coming back to the blog, reading my new reviews and leaving their thoughts in the comments. You guys were amazing inspiration and so much fun to be around! I dearly hope you will take this new journey with me and join me at BoldlyDelicious. 50 Days, 47 Reviews – it’s time for the next step!

Thank you all so much.


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